Volunteer Spotlight: Katie Beer

Volunteer Spotlight: Katie Beer

This week we will hear from another parent, Katie Beer, who is working incredibly hard to create an auction for us all to enjoy this year!

I’ve been involved with the auction for the last few years.  In the past I’ve participated in a supporting role and am a co-chair for the 2017 auction.

One of my favorite things about the auction is seeing other parents and especially staff members in a fun, festive environment outside of school and just enjoying an evening out.

Over the years we’ve won bids for a variety of items ranging from a liquid nitrogen ice cream party for the kids to a private jet ride to Telluride as well as wonderful class projects that my kids have helped to make. Last year we had a photo booth with props that people had a lot of fun with.

Come to this year’s Auction, Spring Into Action, on Saturday, April 8!

Preschool - Grade 8

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