Traffic Tip: Teach Your Children Traffic Safety

Traffic Tip: Teach Your Children Traffic Safety

TUESDAY TRAFFIC TIP: Verbalize traffic safety with children and explain WHY. I always tell my kids- “These drivers aren’t looking for you.”

Common Types of Collisions Between Young Pedestrians and Motorists:

  1. Child darting out into street at corner or mid-block. This type of crash commonly occurs in neighborhoods where children are playing. A ball might roll into the street and the child runs to chase after it. Teach children to ask an adult for help before retrieving a ball or any object in the street.
  2. Vehicle turning into path of a child. Children may assume that a green light or WALK signal clears them from danger. It is important to teach children to be responsible and cautious regardless of signs or signals.
  3. Child hidden from view by an ice cream truck. Anxious and excited children near ice cream trucks may not be aware of their surroundings and run into the street. Cars should stop before slowly passing the ice cream truck.
  4. Child hidden from view by bus – driver does not stop. All States require traffic in both directions to stop on undivided highways when students are getting on or off a school bus. Children who must cross the street after exiting the bus should walk to the edge of the bus, look left-right-left, and cross when it is clear and the bus driver has signaled it is safe to cross.
  5. Vehicle backing up in roadways, driveways, or parking lots. Children should be taught to look for people in the driver’s seat and illuminated reverse tail lights before walking behind vehicles. Treat driveways like other intersections — stop at the edge and look LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT for cars pulling into or backing out of driveways.

Preschool - Grade 8

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