MPCS Breakfast Club

MPCS Breakfast Club


MPCS ❤️ Breakfast Club!

In April 2014, Delicia Beatty and a friend were having a conversation that included the hard fact that whether due to finances, time or a topsy turvy morning, some children were coming to school hungry. The desire that stemmed from this conversation was to fill this need. To assist the caregivers and the children, there would be an option at school to start the day with a healthy meal or grab an extra snack. Not only does a full belly satisfy the hunger, it also offers a balance that benefits the children and the teachers.  For Delicia, this was a calling. It started off with just bringing in oatmeal from home, but within 3 days, with the help of Gayle Lawrence and Jenny Halsor, a policy was written and Breakfast Club was formed. Nine years later, this offering is depended upon, looked forward to and the hall in front of the kitchen is bustling every morning with happy chatter. From the back entrance vestibule to the stairs, the Breakfast Club is a gathering place to greet friends and share a morning meal or snack.

Paola greeting students with warm oats!

The Family Council allocates a fund in their budget that supports much of the monetary needs for the Breakfast Club; Great Harvest Bread Company donates fresh bread; and a sign-up for volunteers, fresh fruit, veggies, tamari and eggs takes care of the rest. Approximately 35 children per morning stop by the kitchen for the day’s offering – that’s approximately 6,125 children per school year! To make this happen – it takes a village!  Delicia Beatty has kept the BC alive all these years and still volunteers on Fridays though her children have moved on to high school. Paola Osuna Martinez graciously stepped in this year as a volunteer to ensure we have coverage every day and later joined our staff. This year, we are also grateful for weekly assistance from our village of volunteers that include Alison Milbauer, Rachel Kenney, and Charis Sederberg. It’s not just about serving! Paola and the Breakfast Club volunteers also inventory, shop, bake, clean, launder, and prep.

Thank you to Delicia for following through on this need, to Paola for putting her heart into it everyday and to EVERYONE over the years who have contributed to this wonderful resource for our community! If you are so inclined to get involved, visit the sign-up HERE!

Preschool - Grade 8

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