Middle School Library Remodel

Middle School Library Remodel

The Middle School Library is Officially Open!

Middle School Library before remodel with disorganized shelves and boxes of books

BEFORE: A small group of volunteers, led by the vision and plan of Amanda Hassenstab, were able to completely transform a room in the middle school into a true library!

Middle School Library remodeled with bookcases, rugs, chairs, lighting, and art

AFTER: Wow, what a change! The students will now have a space to come and find fiction books. An amazing librarian also stopped by and marked books as “must read” for the middle schoolers. They were able to put together a resource section in the hall and include poetry and biographies. Amanda’s family also managed to sort the mountain of non-fiction books in hopes the teachers will be able to use them in their classrooms.
Thank you all for your amazing work over the Labor Day weekend. The middle schoolers now have a cozy book nook to enjoy!



Preschool - Grade 8

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