Faculty Spotlight: Alissa Minatta

Faculty Spotlight: Alissa Minatta

I was exposed to Waldorf Education through my experience at a public “Waldorf-inspired” school in Boulder, Colorado. It immediately became apparent that because of this teaching method, students are deeply invested in the content and eager to learn every day. I especially value that in Waldorf, students are able to express their learning in a creative, personal, and relevant way. This path led me to MPCS, a community where students are celebrated and cherished each day for their uniqueness. 

What is your job at MPCS?

I am a first grade teacher at MPCS. 

What are you looking forward to most this year in your job?

This year, I am most looking forward to building strong, meaningful relationships within the Mountain Phoenix community. It is so important to me that the classroom is a safe environment where students feel comfortable and respected, allowing them to take risks in their learning. This environment is established through relationships between students and between the students and teacher. From the first day of school, my goal is to begin forming these relationships and truly getting to know one another. At MPCS, we are so fortunate to have a community of parents who are involved and willing to help, so I am also looking forward to establishing these relationships and integrating parents into the classroom.

What excites you most about Waldorf Education?

Waldorf Education has so much to offer, but what excites me the most is that students are able to experience the subjects. This experience comes in a variety of forms such as art, nature, fairytales, singing, instruments, etc. and ultimately instills a life-long love of learning in students. They are left wondering, asking questions, and taking their learning beyond the classroom. Waldorf students use the world as their classroom, which leads to endless discovery.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy painting, hiking, traveling, playing tennis, and spending time with family. My hope is that becoming a part of Mountain Phoenix will lead to new hobbies such as handwork and playing instruments, two skills I have always wanted to acquire!

Preschool - Grade 8

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