Equity Resource Library

Students in the grades are participating in story times & child-centered discussions led by faculty.  The story time topics include themes that reflect the various lenses that JeffCo Public Schools uses to support student and community engagement. These story times are being developed, along with resources for our school’s families and professional development for our faculty and staff.

The resources on this page are intended to support and supplement the equity story times that are held at MPCS.



I humbly do not know about any of this, and am ready to start learning.

I am a feminist but don’t really understand intersectionality.

I am white, but walk my path as an ally to support dismantling systemic biases.

I (or my loved ones) experience systemic biases based on race.

I involve my kids in activist actions and I want to do a cluster with them and other families.

Preschool - Grade 8

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