Preschool Curriculum

Open to students who will be ages 3 and 4 by October 1, this play-based program is a delightful introduction to school — allowing children to explore their world through interaction with others, by preparing and eating nutritious foods, and by playing with a myriad of natural toys and items that foster the imagination. The classrooms are beautifully painted to sooth the young child. Our trained teachers provide a caring environment as our young ones gently transition from home to school. School preparedness activities include nature walks, exploration, storytelling and retelling of stories, acting out stories, becoming characters in the stories, drawing using block beeswax crayons, and water color painting to develop fine motor skills. Nap or rest time is provided mid day for full-time students. Meal time is a special part of the preschool day.

Program Options






We offer several preschool program options:

  • Full-Day Program  –  We offer two-day (Tuesday & Thursday), three-day (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday), and five-day (Monday -Friday) full-day programs.
  • Half-Day Program  –  We offer a five-day (Monday – Friday) half-day program.

For drop off and pick up times, click here.

Tuition & Fees

To view current preschool tuition rates and fees, click here.

Preschool - Grade 8

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