For the love of coffee!

For the love of coffee!

Giving Bean Coffee
ships directly to you and gives back to our school!

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Organic Options
  • Long Lasting
  • Whole bean and ground options
  • K-kups available
  • AND! Teas, Cocoa, Chai and more!

Give it a try and support our school!


We also love Giving Bean for it’s

Clean Emissions, Compost & Responsible Packaging!

And if you need any more reasons to try Giving Bean….

Their roasting process uses a low-energy custom made “smokeless after-burner” that helps reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact in a number of ways.

They recycle all materials eligible and even compost the chaff which is a by product of roasted coffee beans (great for vegetable and flower gardens). They are one of only a few coffee roasters packaging their whole beans in PLA-lined (corn-based) recycled craft paper bags that are fully compostable. Giving Bean employs clean, re-used filler, bubble-wrap and other packing materials.


How many more reasons do you need other than you just love coffee and these wonderful kids!

Preschool - Grade 8

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