Early Childhood

Brough, Robin (Verticle)

Robin Brough

Buttercups Lead Teacher

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Thibodeau, Miranda (Verticle)

Miranda Thibodeau

Buttercups Assistant

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Wendland, Jennifer (Verticle)

Jenny Wendland-Diaz

Dandelions Lead Teacher

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Hickler, Leah (Verticle)

Leah Hickler

Dandelions Assistant

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Bernier, Ashley (Verticle)

Ashley Bernier

Sweet Peas Lead Teacher

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Vance, Megan

Megan Vance

Sweet Peas Assistant

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Romero, Janet

Janet Romero

Preschool Float

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Huber, Bettina (Verticle)

Bettina Huber

Chickadees Lead Teacher

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Chickadees Assistant, Michelle Fraas

Michelle Fraas

Chickadees Assistant

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McCune, Elizabeth (Verticle)

Elizabeth McCune

Bluebirds Lead Teacher

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Hernandez, Danett (Verticle)

Danett Hernandez

Bluebirds Assistant

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Windram, Melissa (Verticle)

Melissa Windram

Honeybees Lead Teacher

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Robertson, Shana (Verticle)

Shana Robertson

Honeybees Assistant

Introduction to Waldorf Education:
Shana's journey into Waldorf education began with a recommendation from a friend about a unique school known for its child-led teaching philosophy and enchanting seasonal celebrations. Her initial tour of a kindergarten classroom at the school left a profound impression, leading to her current role.

Personal Background:
A Colorado native, Shana's life and career have been deeply rooted in her home state. Her connection to the natural and cultural environment of Colorado has shaped her personal and professional outlook.

Interests and Hobbies:
Shana is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, camping, and visiting hot springs. Her love for knitting and mountain weekend trips, along with her passion for travel, reflect a blend of creativity, adventure, and relaxation in her lifestyle.

Shana is a mother of two boys, one in 6th grade and the other in 3rd grade. Her role as a parent complements her professional life, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the developmental and educational needs of children at different stages.

Role at School:
In her role as an EC Assistant Teacher with the Honeybees, Shana is instrumental in supporting the early childhood program. Her enthusiasm for the Waldorf teaching philosophy and her dedication to nurturing young minds are evident in her interactions with students. Her connection to the community and her commitment to holistic education make her an invaluable part of the team.

Votanek, Jacqueline (Verticle)

Jackie Votanek

Sunflowers Lead Teacher

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Spica, Sarah (Verticle)

Sarah Spica

Sunflowers Assistant

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Extended Day School Assistant, Rie Kashiwagi

Rie Kashiwagi

Extended School Day Assistant - Honeybees

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Kleinschmidt, Marion (Verticle)

Marion Kleinschmidt

Extended School Day Assistant - Bluebirds

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MPCS Phoenix Logo

Tiffany Kwak

Extended School Day Assistant - Chickadees

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Jinjian 1 - 2024

Jinjian Fager

Extended School Day Assistant - Sunflowers

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Wegs, Joy (Verticle)

Joy Wegs

Assistant Director of Early Education

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Seedlings Program Coordinator, Susan Skokan

Susan Skokan

Seedlings Program Coordinator

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Preschool - Grade 8

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